Chicago Pro 1 day Out

Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while, but I wanted to update you all and give you my plan for 1 day out and what Vu and I did to make weight for they day. Just keep in mind this is my personal plan and was what I needed to peak. We did a water taper for this peak which the past days look liked this along with macro break down:

Sunday: 3 gallons water (50c/300p/trace fats)
Monday: 2 gallons water (225c/250p/trace fats)
Tuesday: 1.5 gallons water (250c/250p/trace fats)
Wednesday: 1 gallon water (250c/250p/trace fats)
Thursday: 1/2 gallon (see full plan below).
*sodium held constant at 1/4 tsp to all meals

Chicago 1 day out

1/4 tab 37.5mg/25mg Maxzide taken at bedtime last night

32 oz peed overnight, drank 32oz water to replace fluid drop

Morning wt 211.6

Meal 1 8:00am
25g whey
50g oats
2 rice cakes
250g water to cook
150g coffee
1/4 tab 37.5/25mg Maxzide

Between Meal 10oz water

Meal 2 210.6lbs 10:30am
4oz chicken
5 rice cakes
20g almond butter

Between meal 16oz water

Meal 3 210.4 1:30pm
4oz 93/7 beef
140g rice
3 rice cakes

Between meal 10oz water

wt check: 210.8lbs 3:00pm

Meal 4 made weight for check in at: 212.0 4:00pm
4oz 93/7 beef
140g rice
3 rice cakes
1/3 tab 37.5/25mg Maxzide

Meal 5
4oz chicken
70g rice
3 rice cakes
No water

Meal 6 210.8lbs 10:00pm
6oz beef
3 rice cakes
4oz water

night time pics:

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