Chicago Pro 4 weeks 2 days out

Woke a little lighter than yesterday. I slept great last night, I actually hit 8 hours of sleep, which is crazy on prep. Appetite was up first thing in the morning as well. It takes me forever to get my first meal in also. I take my morning pics, laser my leg for 14 minutes, Neufit my leg for 10 minutes, then do 10 minutes on the Stairmaster. I know that only is 34 minutes, but I wake up at 6:30am and eat at 8:30am lol. Made a big decision today and I am having Andrew Vu take over the remainder of my prep. He has been a friend for a while now, but we shoot the shit daily and have built a good relationship. Its a great dynamic between us, I trust him, and he has a great eye. So, time to take some stress off me and when I am all loopy these last few weeks I won’t make a stupid judgment call lol.

I had an excellent workout today, pump was unreal. I haven’t had a high day in 8 days, so I think just better sleep was key here today. Strength maintained well throughout the session, but the connection with my back was phenomenal, so I take it is a training session that had progression to it.

Weight: 215.8lbs

CARDIO: 1omin AM stairs, 15min post workout Arc trainer



Meal 1 (8:15am):
6oz chicken breast, cooked wt
30g cream of rice, dry measure
1 rice cake
16g almond butter

Meal 2 (10:30am) preworkout
40g protein from Animal Whey
65g cream of rice dry measure
50g banana

Intra workout
20g carbs via Pomegranate Juice
10g EAA via Animal Juiced Aminos

Meal 3 (2:30pm) post workout
40g protein from whey isolate
5 rice cakes

Meal 3 (4:00pm)
6oz chicken
110g white jasmine rice
16g almond butter
100g spinach

Meal 5 (7:00pm)
6oz 93/7 beef, cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 6 (10:00pm)
3 whole eggs
3oz chicken breast, cooked wt
100g spinach

230g carbs, 270g protein, 40g fat

Have a great night everyone, leave any questions below.

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