Chicago Pro Prep 10 Weeks 5 Days Out

Day following the refeed I woke up 2lbs heavier. Just like the last time I had this carb amount. I got some good roundness out of it and should have some good gym performance in my pull day today. I did a little bit less cardio today just to make the carbs hang around with me a little bit longer. Last time I was back to a low weight so fast. So, if I can save my legs some and still not hurt body fat loss I am all good for that. I did shoot this workout for Animal, so you will get to see it on Friday. I gave some great tips during training. I was still full of carbs and brain was working, so I could actually articulate what the hell I was actually doing lol.

Got this post up late, I had to watch Game of Thrones lol. Renee and I are totally hooked. Don’t have much else to say for the day.

PULL day:

*RP stands for rest pause, rest 20-30 seconds and go to failure again

  1. Prime Supinated Pull down: 3 warm ups. 2 work sets: 1×8,  1×10
  2. Prime Neutral grip Seated low cable row. 1 warm up set. 2 work sets: 1×6,  1×10
  3. Smith Machine Chest supported Row: 2 warm up set, 2 work sets: 1×7, 1×12
  4. Wide grip Pulldown: 3 work sets: 3×10-15
  5. Dante’s Prone incline bench rear delt row: 1 RP set. 1×15+5+4
  6. Rear delt pec deck fly: 1 set with a double drop. 1x12x10x8
  7. Standing DB Hammer curl RP: 1 warm up. 1 RP. 1×12+3+2

Weight: 228.2lbs

CARDIO: 25 minutes Stair master and 10 minute Dog walk


Meal 1 (9:00am):
7oz chicken breast, cooked wt
30g cream of rice, dry measure
2 slice Ezekiel bread

Meal 2 (11:30am)
7oz chicken breast, cooked wt
140g white jasmine rice cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 3 (2:00pm) preworkout
50g protein from Animal Whey
80g cream of rice dry measure

Intra workout

30g carbs from Pomegranate Juice

1 Scoop Animal Juiced Aminos

Meal 4 post workout
50g protein via Animal Whey

Meal 5 (7:00pm)
6oz 93/7 ground beef, cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 6 (10:00pm)
2 whole eggs
5oz chicken breast, cooked wt
100g spinach

200g carbs, 300g protein, 22g fat

Have a great night everyone, leave any questions below.

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