Chicago Pro Prep 7 weeks 6 days out

Well last night sucked lol. So, right when I was about to knock out to sleep man I had to get up and go pee. Then at 2:00am I had to pee again. Then at 4:00am I woke up again I have no idea why, but wide awake. Tossed around till 5:30am and decided oh well get up and be productive. I peed one last time and then weighed in at 223.0. So weight did drop back down and note that it was about 2 hours earlier then usual. It is that full on prep sleep peaking its nasty head out. On a positive, it was a productive morning. I got to start working on an Animal article over protein intake. This month I have a bit of travel, so it would be nice to knock out my articles early for the month.

Energy level was rough today, definitely attribute it to lack of sleep. I still had a good pull session. I was able to match most of my previous lifts, so no compliments on that. My posing is getting very smooth and comfortable. I pose for 10minutes straight and I am not gassed by the end of it. One thing about sleep lacking is pump can really lag. It sometimes can be hard to connect with the muscle. I did increase salting my meals today, since fluid intake has increased and I am having greater water loss overnight. That does help keep some pump around when feeling flat. I also add about 1/4 tsp salt into my pre and intra workout drink for the same reason.

My blood work didn’t comeback yet, should have it Monday to go over with everyone.

Weight: 223.0lbs

CARDIO: 35min Stairmaster



Meal 1 (9:00am):
6oz chicken breast, cooked wt
30g cream of rice, dry measure
2 slice Ezekiel bread

Meal 2 (11:00am) preworkout
50g protein from Animal Whey
55g cream of rice dry measure
50g banana

Intra workout
30g carbs via Pomegranate Juice
10g EAA via Animal Juiced Aminos

Meal 3 (4:30pm) post workout
50g protein from whey isolate
4 rice cakes

Meal 2 (11:30am)
7oz Cod, cooked wt
100g okra

Meal 5 (7:00pm)
7oz 93/7 beef, cooked wt
100g green beans

Meal 6 (10:00pm)
2 whole eggs
5oz chicken breast, cooked wt
100g spinach

190g carbs, 310g protein, 22g fat

Have a great night everyone, leave any questions below.

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