Chicago Pro Prep 12 weeks 2 days out

Logan gave us a troublesome morning on our Bday vacation. He started crying at 5:00am and he peed all over his brand new bed. So limited sleep happened, its hard to get mad at him cause he is the most lazy clumsy puppy ever, but still its irritating. He is like 5months and 75lbs, I forget he is still a puppy since he is so damn big.

Weight was up 0.2lbs, probably just from the earlier waking time. No AM cardio done, since I was probably an hour from any gym and we needed to check out, so plan was to go back how hit my pull day then go home and do my cardio at night.

Back on my normal training day diet, nothing special here. Learned some very insightful information on TRT/steroids effect on iron, how much iron I am consuming, and managing high hematocrit and hemoglobin. I am going to make a full IG post about it tomorrow, so I don’t want to type this out twice. I will probably repost it here tomorrow, but it is EXTREMELY Important. To not leave you with too much anticipation, guys calculate your iron intake if you eat a ton of rice, cream of rice, beef and spinach and on top take TRT or steroids you are setting yourself up for high serum iron and abnormal hematology…more to come tomorrow.

Pull day was really good. I nailed my rack chin set and got the groove on these. Truly, if you want to get wide these need to be in your rotation. The execution and set up is essential for success. You need you torso 100% vertical and stay that way, no lean back at all. Only pull up to your brow level. Arms should be 1.5x your shoulder width. Keep feet elevated enough so plates won’t slide off your lap. A 4 second eccentric and 1 second pause in the deep stretch position. Getting into that deep stretch is so important. This is great as a second or third move on back day.

Cardio after the workout was a bitch. I had my protein shake and drove home and went right into it. It was one of those cardio session that where you feel a bit hypoglycemic at the end and you are just throwing each leg up on to the next step. Felt like some deep prep cardio. Maybe should have moved some carbs prior to doing it, but whatever.

PULL day:

*RP stands for rest pause, rest 20-30 seconds and go to failure again

  1. HS Low Row: 4 warm ups. 2 work sets: 1×8, 1×14
  2. Rack Chins. 1 warm up set. 2 work sets: 1×12, 1×15
  3. Tbar rows: 2 warm up sets. 2 work sets: 1×5, 1×12
  4. Prone incline bench DB row: 2 work sets: 1×15, 1×12
  5. Supine incline bench EZ bar cable pullover: 1 RP set. 1×13+4+3
  6. Prone incline bench cable rear delt fly: 1 RP set. 1×12+5+3
  7. Supine Incline bench DB curl: 1 RP set. 1×12+5+2
  8. Standing Reverse EZ bar curl: 2 work sets. 1×15 1×12

Weight: 231.2lbs

CARDIO:35 minutes done in PM


Meal 1 (9:00am):
7oz chicken breast, cooked wt
30g cream of rice, dry measure
2 slice Ezekiel bread

Meal 2 (11:30am)
7oz chicken breast, cooked wt
180g white jasmine rice cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 3 (2:00pm) preworkout
50g protein from Animal Whey
80g cream of rice dry measure

Intra workout

50g carbs from Pomegranate Juice

1 Scoop Animal Juiced Aminos

Meal 4 post workout
50g protein via Animal Whey

Meal 5 (7:00pm)
6oz 93/7 ground beef, cooked wt
140g jasmine rice, cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 6 (10:00pm)
2 whole eggs
5oz chicken breast, cooked wt
100g spinach

260g carbs, 295g protein, 22g fat

Have a great night everyone, leave any questions below.

6 comments on “Chicago Pro Prep 12 weeks 2 days out

I’m going to do rack chins first in my rotation for my metabolic back day. I used to always begin my back training with pull-ups and I got very strong at them. I think it’s important to do those exercises when you are strongest rather than at the end of training when you can only do 1/3 of what you would as a starter. Thanks for all the help John! Funny I may have messaged you about the hemoglobin only 10 minutes ago. Excited to see/read what you’re going to say

Hi John,

are you still doing a back thickness emphasis workout and a separate back width emphasis as I can see you have been using a lot of horizontal machines or vertical pulls but not much lower back loading

    John Jewett Post author

    They days are a more balanced. I do start one day with a lat movement and the other day with a trap rowing movement.

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