Dallas Europa Prep Log: 11 Days out

Dallas Europa Prep Log: 11 days out

Current AM weight: 211.6lbs

Man I had some terrible sleep last night. I woke to pee at 3:30am and just laid there till about 7am. I think sleep is what I miss most about off season. Getting on the scale today weight came down slightly, but it was not what I was anticipating. Like I said yesterday, having an off day and maintaining weight I predicted with my cardio session and back training intact my weight would drop. The body is never that calculated though. So, I made the decision it was time to push the calorie deficit harder and move some meals around. I wanted to drop close to 350 calories so I removed 60g of carbs and about 10g of fat. This just left carbs in my Meal 1 and pre-workout meal. I really want to prolong the fat burning state and focus carbs around weight training. So, I moved my beef and veggie meal to meal 1 and left my two carb meals as meal 2 and 3 prior to training. All meals after weight training are just chicken and veggies, except the last which has some almond butter. This change should really bring my weight down and be the best diet arrangement to keep performance in the gym. I want to keep my legs fresh so I did not want to push cardio harder, but I have not been hungry on the diet, so it was a clear decision to drop food intake.

These changes made me really cranky all day, I knew the diet was working. I could feel my face getting more wrinkles as the day went on. Surprisingly my training session was better than yesterday and I held strength exceptionally well. Pretty sure I had about 400mg of caffeine prior to the workout, but hey who is counting lol.

After training I just felt empty the rest of the day and hunger was kicking in all the way to bed time. It sucks, but its necessary to pull down to the weight I want to be. As soon as I get to 207-208 I can start adding some food back in. This whole day was just uncomfortable and it made me think about when you are uncomfortable that is when change will happen. Once you find your self comfortable in something, say goodbye to progressing any more. I think it is human nature to try and find comfort. Comfort in finances, jobs, relationships, or hobbies. If you have a passion and want to make a career out of it, get uncomfortable challenge yourself. If you want to get on a bodybuilding stage and be peeled to the fucking bone, you better be challenging yourself during cardio, weight training, and on your diet. None of that should feel easy at all.

Current diet and regimen posted below.

Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!

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11 Days out plan

AM Fasted Cardio: 

1 AM session  @ 35min on stairs level 8

PM cardio 




11 Day out DIET day:


Meal 1
6oz flank steak, cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 2
40g protein – whey iso
50g – oats

Meal 3:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
135g white jasmine rice cooked wt
2 Quaker oat chocolate rice cakes
100g – spinach cooked

20-30 minutes prior to workout
6g Citrulline
5g Hydromax
1 scoop Animal juiced aminos
1 scoop Animal Spiked aminos
3g Creatine
1g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

Intra workout Layout –
1 Scoop Animal Juiced Aminos
1g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 4:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
75g Spinach cooked

Meal 5:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
75g Spinach cooked

Meal 6
6oz chicken, cooked wt
20g almond butter
100g – spinach cooked

250g protein, 95g carb, 25g fat


Bowel regimen:

-3g Magnesium Citrate powder meal 1 and meal 6

– 5g fiber powder meal 1 and meal 6


Health supps

  • Animal Pak 1 scoop per day
  • Krill Oil- 500mg per day
  • Citrus Bergamont 500mg per day
  • Ubiquinol 300mg per day
  • Berberine 1000mg per day
  • ALA 600mg
  • Curcumin w/ bioperine 500mg per day
  • Vit D3 2000 IU
  • Vit K2 100mcg per day
  • NAC 1200mg per day
  • TUDCA 1000mg per day
  • Plant Sterols 2g per day
  • Animal Pak PM 1 pack 45 min before bed

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