Dallas Europa Prep Log: 13 days out

Dallas Europa Prep Log: 13 days out

Current AM weight: 212.0lbs


Sunday! So, excited cause I am taking a full rest day. No cardio, no weight training, just rest. Purpose behind this is to keep me fresh and have a full day of recovery. Weight is still holding at 212.0, but this was after coming off the diuretics. So, you have to consider I had a refeed day and diuretic usage, yet weight is still at 212, which I consider a drop. In the pictures I look very tight and I do see new lines in my glutes. I know I talked about this before, but just another reason to go off pics and not the scale.

The whole day I just worked on client updates and new plans. I did finally get out of my cave and go lay out by the pool for a little bit. Renee and I got two Diet Cherry Limeades from Sonic and chilled out there. Of course our luck the pool was closed for some reason, but it was still nice to get some sun. Yes, I do enjoy a diet soda on prep and I don’t see it effecting my conditioning what so ever.

The rest of the night I watched a movie and just kept my feet up. Moving into this next week I plan to start really pulling down and getting my weight to that 207ish mark.

Current diet and regimen posted below.

Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!

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13 Days out plan

AM Fasted Cardio: 

1 AM session  @ 35min on stairs level 8

PM cardio 




13 Day out DIET day:


Meal 1
50g – whey iso
50g – oats

Meal 2:
6.5oz chicken
100g rice
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 3:
6.5oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g rice
2 Quaker oat chocolate rice cakes
100g – spinach cooked

20-30 minutes prior to workout
6g Citrulline
5g Hydromax
1 scoop Animal juiced aminos
1 scoop Animal Spiked aminos
3g Creatine
1g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

Intra workout Layout –
1 Scoop Animal Juiced Aminos
1g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 4
6.5oz flank steak
100g spinach

Meal 5:
6.5oz chicken / 99% Turkey
16g almond butter
100g rice
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 6
6.5 oz chicken
20g almond butter
100g – spinach cooked

275g protein, 145g carb, 33g fat


Bowel regimen:

-3g Magnesium Citrate powder meal 1 and meal 6

– 5g fiber powder meal 1 and meal 6


Health supps

  • Animal Pak 1 scoop per day
  • Krill Oil- 500mg per day
  • Citrus Bergamont 500mg per day
  • Ubiquinol 300mg per day
  • Berberine 1000mg per day
  • ALA 600mg
  • Curcumin w/ bioperine 500mg per day
  • Vit D3 2000 IU
  • Vit K2 100mcg per day
  • NAC 1200mg per day
  • TUDCA 1000mg per day
  • Plant Sterols 2g per day
  • Animal Pak PM 1 pack 45 min before bed


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