Dallas Europa Prep Log: 2 days out

Dallas Europa Prep Log: 2 days out

Current AM weight: 208.6 lbs

I ended up getting to bed later than usual just doing laundry and packing, so I had fluids later than I usually would. Sleep was okay, I still woke up about 5am and had clients texting me. At 6:30am I weighed in at 208.6lb, which was a pound up from yesterday. I did have a fuller look and the muscle pushing more against the skin made me look harder. I am really happy with where I am sitting at for today.

The plan for today is to move my morning carbohydrates to nearly all post workout. I want to deplete some in the morning just eating protein and fats. Then I will get up to Dallas and do my last workout and start loading carbs more. The total carb amount for the day will be the same, but just timed differently. Doing it this way I can get a good training stimulus to shuttle more glycogen into my upper body. For today, fluids and sodium are going to stay the same. I don’t measure out fluid between meals, I just make sure to hit 2 gallons for the entire day. I will keep sodium constant by using my normal condiments and sea salt with all meals.

We got on the road by 9:00am. Renee and I picked up Andrea Pollard, she is an IFBB figure pro competing this weekend too. She placed 3rd at the New York pro and I might be biased, but I know she is going to win Dallas. We both have that Olympia Qualification in our sites! The drive to Dallas was so slow, cause I am a pissing machine. I keep my water high so I have to stop frequently, which sucks, but whatever its a lot better than having to pack and fly to a show.

We got to the apartment around 2:30pm. I got down meal 3 and went to hit my upper body circuit. The apartment gym is coolest I have ever seen. They pictures of Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, and Frank McGrath all over the walls. It was like a hardcore bodybuilding apartment gym, great motivation in there. This workout isn’t meant to hit PRs or train to failure, but move blood and get a pump. It consistent of the following:

  1. Super set: Smith machine bent over row and Cable chest fly: 3 sets x 15 reps
  2. Super set: Smith machine flat bench and lat pulldown: 3 sets x 15 reps
  3. Super set: Smith machine incline press and Standing cable pullover and standing high cable row: 3 sets x 15 reps

I got a great pump and I really started getting fuller and harder. Now, I can push some more carbs down for the rest of the evening and start to dry out more overnight.I kept weighing myself prior to each meal and once I got to meal 5 I was 214.0lbs. Prior to meal 6 I had dropped to 213.olbs. This was a red flag for me cause last night I was 216.0 and woke up at 208.6lb. So, My body is continuing to speed up and I needed to make an adjustment to not flatten out too much over night. I decided to add in an extra 50g of carbohydrates to my last meal.

I will put this disclaimer before I state this. I am not a doctor and any use of pharmacetical drugs should be under doctor supervision. The only reason I can talk about my use of my diuretic, Dyazide, is that I have a prescription and I actually am under doctor supervision for it. With that said, tonight I will take a 1/4 tab of 37.5/25mg Dyazide. This will pull my weight lower than what it has been the previous days by pushing more water out. So, for tomorrow I will have more room to eat and drink leading up to weight ins. It will also dry me out as I keep filling out. Tune in tomorrow for my full plan for pre weigh in and post.

Current diet and regimen posted below.

Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!

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2 Days out plan



WATER INTAKE: 2 GALLONS spaced evenly throughout the day

SODIUM: normal condiments, sea salt all meals


Meal 1
6oz chicken
100g spinach
20g almond butter

Meal 2:
6oz beef
100g spinach

Meal 3:
6oz chicken
100g – spinach cooked
100g white jasmine rice
1 rice cake

Train at 3:30pm

Intra workout Layout –
10g EAA
2g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 4:
6oz chicken
200g rice
1 rice cake
20g Cashew butter
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 5
6oz chicken
80g oats
1 rice cake
20g almond butter
100g spinach

Meal 6
6oz chicken
320g rice
24g almond butter
100g – spinach cooked

Prior to bed 1/4 tab Dyazide 37.5/25mg

250g protein, 265g carb, 52g fat


Bowel regimen:

-3g Magnesium Citrate powder meal 1 and meal 6

– 5g fiber powder meal 1


Health supps

  • Animal Pak 1 scoop per day
  • Krill Oil- 500mg per day
  • Citrus Bergamont 500mg per day
  • Ubiquinol 300mg per day
  • Berberine 1000mg per day
  • ALA 600mg
  • Curcumin w/ bioperine 500mg per day
  • Vit D3 2000 IU
  • Vit K2 100mcg per day
  • NAC 1200mg per day
  • TUDCA 1000mg per day
  • Plant Sterols 2g per day
  • Animal Pak PM 1 pack 45 min before bed

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