Dallas Europa Prep Log: 8 days out

Dallas Europa Prep Log: 8 days out

Current AM weight: 209.8 lbs

Well a combo of CBD oil and Animal pak PM knocked me the fuck to sleep last night. Damn, I woke up to pee and I felt deranged walking to the bathroom. I fell immediately back to sleep. Even prior to bed I just felt very relaxed and tranquil. So, needless to say I got some good sleep. Regarding inflammation, my legs still feel a little beat up, but no big deal. I will keep the CBD in the mix. My body weight came up a little bit today from the extra carbs, but I am really not concerned here at all. I think I look the hardest I have all prep, so the look is what matters. For changes today, I kept the plan the same. I really think weight will drop back I just need another day.

Cardio wasn’t as bad as yesterday, my legs are still a little sore from the ham/glute session but the improved sleep helped performance a lot. Now, getting off the stair master is a little different story. It takes me a few hours before my legs start light again and not fatigued.

Between cardio and weights Renee and I had another expedition back to the development we like for a home tour. The builder had a buyer back out and the house was a perfect set up for us and bigger than what we anticipated getting. The house was perfect, I think we found a winner. It had a massive kitchen island perfect for food prep and a tiled extra room for us to put cardio equipment. We got to lock this one in very soon!

My training session went really good today. I have only been taking coffee as a preworkout, but today I took one scoop of Animal Fury and that was a game changer. Energy level was at an all time high, which had me moving during the session. Strength was solid and pump was moderate too. Posing looked damn nasty after training. For me pumping chest and shoulder brings my whole physique to another level. I get a bunch of cross striations and my shoulders get crazy round. This is why usually back stage pumping up I only do push ups and band lateral raises.

The rest of the day I am relaxing and just doing some computer work, talk to ya’ll tomorrow.

Current diet and regimen posted below.

Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!

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8 Days out plan

AM Fasted Cardio: 

1 AM session  @ 35min on stairs level 8

PM cardio 




8 Day out DIET day:


Meal 1
6oz flank steak, cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 2
40g protein – whey iso
50g – oats

Meal 3:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
140g white jasmine rice cooked wt
2 Quaker oat chocolate rice cakes
100g – spinach cooked

20-30 minutes prior to workout
6g Citrulline
5g Hydromax
1 scoop Animal juiced aminos
1 scoop Animal Spiked aminos
3g Creatine
1g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

Intra workout Layout –
1 Scoop Animal Juiced Aminos
1g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 4:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
100g white jasmine rice, cooked wt
75g Spinach cooked

Meal 5:
6oz chicken, cooked wt
20g almond butter
75g Spinach cooked

Meal 6
6oz chicken, cooked wt
20g almond butter
100g – spinach cooked

250g protein, 135g carb, 37g fat


Bowel regimen:

-3g Magnesium Citrate powder meal 1 and meal 6

– 5g fiber powder meal 1 and meal 6


Health supps

  • Animal Pak 1 scoop per day
  • Krill Oil- 500mg per day
  • Citrus Bergamont 500mg per day
  • Ubiquinol 300mg per day
  • Berberine 1000mg per day
  • ALA 600mg
  • Curcumin w/ bioperine 500mg per day
  • Vit D3 2000 IU
  • Vit K2 100mcg per day
  • NAC 1200mg per day
  • TUDCA 1000mg per day
  • Plant Sterols 2g per day
  • Animal Pak PM 1 pack 45 min before bed

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