Leg session Quad emphasis

*warm up sets not listed

*All sets taken till muscular failure unless otherwise noted

1. Hack squat: Set 1 8-10 reps; Set 2 15+ reps. Keep feet narrower than shoulders, toes out slightly. Keep feet as low on platform as possible while still being able to keep all weight on heel. Perform a 3 second eccentric with slight pause at bottom. 90 second rest between sets.

2. Pendulum Leg press: Set 1 and 2 15-20 reps. Stick with same weight for both sets. Place feet at bottom of platform, narrower than shoulder and toes out 15 degrees. 3 second eccentric phase and explosive concentric phase. 90 second rest between set.

3. DB Bulgarian Split Squat: 3 sets of 12 reps each leg. Train 1 rep shy of failure. Attempt to maintain weight for all sets. Keep back foot hooked on bench or smith machine. Keep front leg knee directly above ankle, limit knee drift. Hold DB in same hand as foot that is out front. 3 second eccentric. Drive through the heel and outside of foot. 45 second rest between each leg.

4. Giant Set: Reverse hyper extension (or 45 degree back raise) into Wide Stance Belt Squat (or smith squat) into Sissy squat. Train near failure. 2 rounds. 20 reps on hypers and belt squat. As many reps as possible on sissy squat. Keep constant motion on all moves. On hyper no back hyperextension all move the weight up till glutes fully contract. On belt squat wide stance feet turned out 45 degrees, full squat depth only coming up ¾ of the way. 2 minute rest between rounds. No rest between exercises.

5. DC QUAD STRETCH: hold a quad stretch for one minute. I use a smith machine and set the bar at chest height. Squat down holding on to the bar move up on your toes keep hams and calves resting on each other while extending the hips upward.

6. Donkey calf raise: 4 sets of 1 minute. With 1 minute rest between each set. During each minute get as many reps as possible while keep a 3 second eccentric phase and 1 second pause in full stretch.

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