New York Pro Prep Log: 4 days out

New York Pro 4 Days Out

Morning weight: 211.2 lbs

This past nights sleep was terrible. It felt like the lightest sleep and I had to wake up four times to pee. Woke up being the lowest body weight I have been in a long time. The glute lines are coming in strong now too.

Sent pics to Matt and orders for the day were to follow the same plan as yesterday. Water and sodium was to be kept the same at 2 gallons per day and salting all meals. Still doing 45 min Am and 30min PM cardio. I also planned to just train chest only, when normally I train chest, shoulder, tri together.

I have done more visualization this prep than I think I ever have. It really has made a difference in my mental toughness and just having a positive attitude. I vision myself on the NY stage and no one else on it, but me. I own the stage and I am the champion, trust me this works to survive cardio. This is also why my eyes are close in out of body experience mode.

I did a lot of planning today for the trip. I am taking all my food with me, I don’t like cooking when I am out at shows and having to find grocery stores. I rather just relax and chill in my hotel room. So, I calculate how much food I would need and went to the grocery store and picked up a couple supplements. Renee has been the biggest help on prep, having someone as supportive as she has been is incredible. The past two days I have been laying around a lot which is not like me at all, but she keep working a taking care of things for the trip. Thanks again babe!

Chest training was pretty lame today, but it is just what must be done and I pushed it as hard as I could. Ended up doing 5 exercises and a total of 10 work sets. Here is my complete peak week body part split:

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: off

Monday: back

Tuesday: Chest

Wednesday: Shoulders

Thursday: Arms

Friday: off

I got zero pump from this workout and I can truly say I am flat as can be. Being flat it is impossible to get a pump. You can get some strong muscle contractions, but there is just never this filling with blood like you normally get. Its all good though, this is the state I need to be in to get very lean.

Well off to bed! Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!


Current Cardio: (same cardio as yesterday)

45 minutes AM Stairmaster level 6

30 minutes AM Stairmaster level 6

Current Diet:

Meal 1
65g – whey isolate
40g – oats

Meal 2:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g white jasmine rice
75g Green beans cooked


Meal 3:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g white jasmine rice

75g Green beans cooked


Meal 4:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
15g – MAC nut or olive oil

100g – fresh greens cooked

Meal 5
9oz – fresh white fish cooked (mahi, sole, cod, tilapia (WF brand)
100g green beans cooked

Meal 6

7oz Flank Steak

100g spinach

Macros: 300g Protein, 30g Fat, 90g Carbs


Check back tomorrow for the next update!

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