New York Pro Prep Log: 1 day out

New York Pro 1 Day Out

So for today Matt goes meal by meal and we adjust things after he sees how I look and my response. I have been either meeting with him or sending him pics throughout the day. I also keep a weight log of my bodyweight prior to each meal, since making weight is a concern.

The main concept of the plan today was get me as full as we could and then pull water in the evening. This will get my weight down morning of the show and I will be able to eat and reintroduce water. We will very likely keep eating through the night to not drop to low in body weight.

I have to say today has been so long just sitting in the hotel room. Everyday normally on prep is non stop busy, so now just sitting and waiting got a little boring. Had me thinking a lot about what I just put myself through and it all come down to one moment. Looking back at this point I have no regrets on prep, I executed everything to the best of my ability. It feels good going into a show and feeling that way, makes you feel confident.

Looking over my physique today with Matt I really feel this is my best look yet. I know we here this often, but Matt and I have only gotten better communicating over the years and really being able to nail down a plan together. I know I am biased, but I truly believe he is the best coach around. He loves what he does and puts his heart into this. I know he has my best interest at heart and wants to see my do great. The fact that he listens, makes a huge difference. I hear other competitors with their coach and the coach just sends them a plan and asks for no feedback. Or the athlete gives feedback and is ignored, thats not how it should be. Anyway, we both agree I have brought up my chest and I think my back shot has improved in depth as well. I put a lot more time into posing and so I should be able to go the distance tomorrow and not fatigue.

I did break up the monotony today and went to a local donut shop to stock up for post show. Honestly, I never usually do this, but talk about a fun time. I got a variety of donuts; maple bacon, fruity pebble, Samoa, Boston cream pie, and my favorite an old fashion sour cream donut. Trophy or not, I will be winning with my donuts! Renee and I are stoked about our eating extravaganza. I have to give major credit to Renee for supporting during prep like no one else ever has. She also did her own prep for 18 weeks with me just to get in the best shape of her life. So, proud of her….if you can’t tell.

Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!

Current Cardio:


Current 1 Day Out Diet:

*water 5 Liters by 7pm, water cut after

*sea salt all meals, condiments the same

Meal 1
50g – whey iso
80g – oats
Meal 2:
4oz chicken / 99% Turkey
10g Mac Nut Oil
140g jasmine rice
Meal 3:
4oz chicken / 99% Turkey
20g almond butter
210g jasmine rice
Meal 4:
4oz chicken / 99% Turkey
10g Mac Nut Oil
210g jasmine rice
Meal 5:
4oz chicken / 99% Turkey
10g Mac Nut oil
280g jasmine rice

Meal 6
3oz Flank Steak
280g white jasmine rice
100g spinach
30g almond butter


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