New York Pro Prep Log: 2 days out

New York Pro 2 Days Out

Morning weight: 212.0 lbs

Well I had to wake up pretty early today for my flight. I got up at 5:30am and ended up weighing 212.0, which makes sense for having more carbs yesterday and less sleep. Damn was I tired waking up this early. Luckily all packing was done and all I need to do was eat and pack up the car. I looked great this morning, waking up tighter every day.

I got to the airport and the exhaustion began. It is just so tiring and stressful at the airport, you feel like you are in a rush at every moment. The good thing about the San Antonio airport is its a very small airport. Damn we got searched big time by TSA. For one the body scanner found spots all over my body to search, mind you I am in shorts and a t shirt. I was asked “sir do you want a private screening room?”, like damn what is about to happen. This TSA agent was THOROUGH, his hands were all up in my crotch and around it and the booty. I am so tired I just don’t give a shit though. Then all are carry on bags have like 15lbs of meat and 10 cups of rice and 6 freezer bags of spinach. Every bag was searched. But we made it through!

The flights were long, but we made it here after 6 hours. I just had one lay over in Chicago. My meal timing was perfect and having a gallon jug of water on me during flights was great to keep fluids up. I never really retain much water during flights within the states. Like I stated yesterday we did start a diuretic, so water retention is being combated at the same time. I don’t want to get into the specifics of the diuretic and dosage, as I feel its just opening up a can of worms and don’t want people just blindly copying my plan.

I arrived at the hotel and after all the sitting my legs felt like concrete. I went down to the hotel fitness center and just got a pump workout in which is typical of 2 days out. Just walking around loosened my legs up some.

Here is my pump workout I did:

1. Standing Alternated DB Curl: 3×15
2. Cable tricep extensions: 3×15
3. Incline bench cable curl: 3×15
4. Single arm overhead cable extension: 3×15
5. Standing cable pullover: 3×15
6. Cable chest fly: 3×15

I send pics to Matt after the pump workout and he added some more carbs to my last meal to fill me out some more.

Rest of the night my feet are up and I am watching TV. Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!


Current Cardio:


Current 2 Day Out Diet:

*water 2 gallons per day

*sea salt all meals, condiments the same

Meal 1
65g – whey isolate
60g – oats

Meal 2:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
3 rices cakes
15g Mac nut oil
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 3:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
70gg white jasmine rice
15g Mac Nut oil
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 4:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
15g – MAC nut or olive oil
3 rice cakes
75g spinach

Meal 5
9oz – fresh white fish cooked (mahi, sole, cod, tilapia (WF brand)
100g green beans cooked
140g white jasmine rice
20g almond butter

Meal 6
7oz Flank Steak
200g white jasmine rice
100g spinach

Macros: 300g Protein, 70g Fat, 200g Carbs


Check back tomorrow for the next update!

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    John Jewett Post author

    Always up at 2 gallons. Offseason it drops to 1.5 gallons just cause food volume takes up so much more stomach volume.

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