New York Pro Prep Log: 8 days out

New York Pro 8 Days Out

Morning weight: 214.6lbs

Sleep was great last night! I woke up twice to pee, which is normal but I could go straight back to sleep. I didn’t pee as much overnight which made sense with my weight up a little today. I assume the pancake meal had a bigger impact on glycogen load than I though it would. Possible a higher sodium intake as well. Regardless, I felt a little fuller today and still very hard.

So the goal is still to get my weight down to 212 within the next few days and then start back off more. So plan today was back to my normal base plan diet (no additions). However cardio was going to stay reduced in the evening to 30 minutes. I will tell you 30 minutes is a breeze after having to do 45 minutes.

I haven’t talked much about posing, but its one of the most important things to do. Not posing is like training to play in a basketball game and never touching a basketball. We must practice what we will do on stage. Last thing you want is to be gassed on stage and losing abdomen control. So, I’ve been doing 15 minutes straight after both of my cardio sessions. I push to the point of being very uncomfortable and loosing control of poses. I have to take it to the point, so I can improve. I try to breath through my nose as I pose, light shallow breaths. I try to keep a very calm state of mind as well. You don’t want to activate the sympathetic nervous system too much when posing and have excessive muscle tone. This will make you look smaller than you are. This is also how guys get gassed on stage.

I did a Push session today and strength maintained well. Its just overall fatigue is set in by that time of day, so I just feel weak, but I turn it on for each work set and can grind it out. Remember, log book!!! Log book to know what weights you need to fight for. I can’t stop preaching that.

PM cardio was quite the challenge, I starting getting the cold sweat feeling and I know blood sugar was running low during it. Its usually just the last 10 minutes I start feeling that way, no dizziness but I am just aware of it.

I wrapped up the day and Renee and I actually went on a date night. Well, a prep style date night since we can’t eat any where. We went coffee bar hoping! We found two new coffee places and hung out at each one try some different brews. At night I will only drink decaf, to make sure I can knock out to sleep.

Well off to bed! Remember stay driven, hungry, and rise up to victory!


Current Cardio: (same cardio as yesterday)

45 minutes AM Stairmaster level 8

30 minutes PM Stairmaster level 8


Current Diet:

Meal 1
65g – whey isolate
40g – oats

Meal 2:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g white jasmine rice cooked
75g Green beans cooked


Meal 3:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g rice
75g Green beans cooked

20-30 minutes prior to workout
5g L Citrulline
3g leucine from EAA mix
3g Creatine
2g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

Intra workout Layout –
3g leucine from EAA mix
2g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 4:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
15g – MAC nut or olive oil

100g – fresh greens cooked

Meal 5
9oz – fresh white fish cooked (mahi, sole, cod, tilapia (WF brand)
100g green beans cooked

Meal 6

7oz Flank Steak

100g spinach

Macros: 300g Protein, 22g Fat, 90g Carbs

Check back tomorrow for the next update!


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