New York Pro prep: Show Day

Show day morning I woke up at 5:30am. I had a busy morning scheduled with needing to pack all meals for pre judging, drop off two figure competitors for hair/make up, get myself tanned again, and make it to weigh ins at 8:00am. It’s always a rush show day morning and I try my best to keep stress low, but just the buildup of excitement from waiting for this day is hard to contain.

First thing in AM I sent Matt my pics and weight to see how much I could eat prior to making weight. I was really thirsty in the morning having cut water the night before. I did wake up at 210.5lbs. That gave us some room to have a full meal and 8oz of fluid. Show day morning it’s important for all of us to have a bowel movement, it’s like a good omen for the day. I mixed my magnesium citrate in 4 oz of water and the other 4oz I had was coffee. Sure, enough right after eating I had a BM and weight was now 211lbs. This was perfect, and the plan was to have nothing else to eat or drink until weight was made.

I packed up several food items to have on hand just, so I could be ready for any meals/snacks after weigh ins. Also, the extra food could be used post pre-judging if I didn’t get back to the hotel fast enough. Food  list was as follows:

  • Two 140g containers of rice
  • 7oz chicken
  • Two containers of 75g of carbohydrates from Kruzteaz pancake mix
  • Almond butter
  • Natural Jam
  • Rice cakes
  • Honey
  • Jam
  • Sea salt

Out the door I went into some crappy New York weather. It was raining and cold, not ideal for being spray tanned. We ran everyone around in a hurry and I made it to check ins right at 8:00am. I got on the scale and weighed in at 211.0lbs.  Matt took a look at me right after making weight and told me to eat 75g of carbs from pancakes, 20g almond butter, sea salt, and 4oz water. If you remember from previous post, we had been using these pancakes to carb up prior to training and testing digestibility.

I went into the venue and was overwhelmed with the grandness and size of the auditorium. I have seen many pictures but standing in such a big venue where some of the best bodybuilders had taken the stage was such a humbling feeling. I never thought when I started I would be here, but here I was. I sat down and slowly enjoyed my pancakes. Its important to eat slow and chew well, you want digestion to be really optimal on this day. After check ins it’s a sit and wait game, so every 30 minutes I would get up and walk around to keep digestion moving.

At 9:00am they let us back stage into the warm up area. We had adequate room back there, there was not weights though and of course I left my bands at home. I found a chair and kicked my feet up to relax until show time. Matt check on me around 10:00am, told me to eat 2 rice cakes, 20g almond butter, 20g jam, 4oz water, and sea salt. At this point its just maintaining fullness and keeping sodium in place to give some pop to the muscle.

The backstage expeditors were really rushing us around and it didn’t give a lot of time to get ready. There was only one person putting on oil back stage, which was a disaster. I went in line early to get oiled up, which was good, but whatever they were using was just drying up on me. I ended up getting 3 coats of oil before stage time. 212s were called and we lined up. When I line up is when I start pumping. Too many guys start way to early and at this point pumps are lost very fast. So, I just get in line and start doing push-ups. I also bring 2 Tablespoons of Jam topped with sea salt with me to eat as I pump up.

Standing in line I just thought back on every cardio session and every training session I went through. How I gave my all in those sessions and what my mindset was in those moments. I am thinking on my work ethic gave me confidence that I was walking on stage and had given my all. I told myself that I was a champion and walk out like I had already won.

I walked out on stage and felt great and confident. I went through my 30 second individual and then went through the first line up. Now, it was time to put the work in on stage. I posed in my front relaxing looking at the judges waiting to hear my name in the first call out. Number 42 was called! What an awesome feeling! Walking into the first callout of the NY pro ready to go to battle against the best. I gave my all posing and ended up getting moved to the outside of the first callout. They then pulled off the top 3 guys and called out 3 more, so I was left now in the second callout. At this point was frustrated, I felt so good about my look I didn’t understand why I was getting moved back.

I walked off stage pretty upset and confused. I met with Renee and Matt and just wondered what had happened. It wasn’t until I saw stage pics that I realized my color was way too light for the show. My light tan made me look smooth and washed out the detail. I was pissed. Too have worked so hard and not have it displayed just because of a tan is a real upset. I also think water was cut too much and I lost a lot of fullness that I had on Thursday night.

The show doesn’t end here for me though, if I can come back better at night then I will do my best. I went and got another coat of spray tan on in hopes of gaining some ground back for finals.

I had time for two meals between finals and then it was back to the venue from my hotel. I was still so determined to bring my best look and show everyone the champion I am.

Finals flew by, the show ran very quickly so I was back on stage in no time. Matt had me do my pancake meal again and then all I had time for was pumping up with the jam and salt again. I went back to finals and gave my all. I was really pleased with my routine. I had put a lot more effort into it than I usually do and was proud at what I displayed. I don’t think tanning again made much difference, but I ended up with 7thplace. I know many would say this is good, but 1stis all I am after. This was a failure to me, but failure is what makes you appreciate success when in happens. I will do another show and the fire is lit to redeem myself. Stay tuned for my announcement of future plans and what changes I am going to make.

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