New York Pro 2018 Prep Log: 12 days out

New York Pro 12 Days Out

Morning weight: 220.6lbs

Today I woke up one day post burger cheat meal. I still felt pretty bloated from the meal and it made sense my weight was up higher. Visually I still looked a little watery in my glutes when compared back to the day prior to my cheat meal weighing 217.8lbs.

I talk to Matt and we decided in the morning to push really hard the next few days to get weight closer to the 212 mark. Cardio was increased, and calories lowered slightly. The day prior I took off from PM cardio, so my legs were a little fresher for the week ahead.


45 minutes AM Stairmaster level 8

45minutes PM Stairmaster level 8 (15 minute increase from previous days)



Meal 1
65g – whey isolate
40g – oats

Meal 2:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g white jasmine rice cooked
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 3:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
15g – MAC nut or olive oil

100g – fresh greens cooked

(30g carbohydrates removed from this meal)

Meal 4:
7oz chicken / 99% Turkey
100g rice
75g Green beans cooked

20-30 minutes prior to workout
5g L Citrulline
3g leucine from EAA mix
3g Creatine
2g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

Intra workout Layout –
3g leucine from EAA mix
2g Pink Salt
– 1 liter of water

Meal 5
9oz – fresh white fish cooked (mahi, sole, cod, tilapia (WF brand)
100g green beans cooked

Meal 6
2 whole eggs
7 oz chicken

100g – fresh asparagus cooked

Macros: 300g Protein, 17g Fat, 90g Carbs

Following this diet for the day didn’t really have an impact on appetite. However, I will consume greater amounts of fluid due to lack of food volume. I easily drink 2 gallons of water down per day. I also had two bowel movements today, sorry TMI. But this is important to let me know the burger meal was clearing out and digestion was normalizing. I had been getting really gassy as well and I think it is due to the asparagus in my diet. I will likely remove it from my diet tomorrow and stick to green beans and spinach.

I trained Back today and I really didn’t see much detriment to strength. I was able to match my weights and reps from the previous session without any issues. The second cardio session was also very do able and I didn’t feel any extreme fatigue in my legs from the extra time duration.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and see the impact the changes had on my physique.

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