Offseason week 9: Recovery going to shit

Welcome back to the blog or should I be welcoming myself back. I have skipped a few weeks posting, so I want to be more consistent for everyone now and hope to post every Monday for my offseason updates.

I am concluding week 9 of my offseason today and a few things have changed since the last update. The main one being at week 6 I cut back my “supplementation” to baseline levels. So, this comes with some implications to how I proceed with training and diet. This whole offseason I really wanted to keep conditioning in a good spot for when I enter into my next prep, so reducing supplements called for a preemptive reduction in calories. I pulled out about 100g of carbs and added in 20g of fat. The idea was to get calories back closer to a maintenance level to hold weight steady and limit fat gain. I still want enough calories to make strength improvements. This all went well until I hit week 8.

Week 8 started off a little rough. I was feeling lethargic, pumps were dimishing and I was feeling pretty beat up. After a few training sessions strength was dropping off as well. I just simply was not recovering as well with out the supplemental advantage. So, when this happens a training volume reduction needs to happen, so I can continue to keep up with intensity. I moved my 3 days on 1 day off split to 2 days on 1 day off. This spreads out the training session more and I can keep the same volume within each workout, however volume for the week would decrease. I am on my fourth day doing this and already feel so much better.  I had a nasty hamstring workout yesterday and pump/strength all felt great.

Current weight is at 243.8lbs. So, I haven’t dropped weight at all, there is a little bit softer look, but overall I am still very lean.

I still have some vague glute lines. Quads and abs still at a good point. If I can hold this look leading into my next blast phase it should be very productive for me. I think this past rebound phase gave some great progress on my delta, I don’t usually keep that much roundness to them. Still want my lats to hang down to my hips, but all in time.

Renee and I had one crazy week on week 7. We moved out of our apartment to a house! Hence my new background, still trying to find the best spot for pics but this looked pretty good and lighting is very repeatable. I am about 20 minutes from the gym, so I picked up some spin bikes for us to knock out AM cardio at home. Still hitting 5 session of 25 minutes per week.

Thats all for this week guys, let me know if you got questions, below is my current training day diet:


Meal 1:
40g protein via Whey Isolate
80g oats
100g blueberries
15g almond butter

Meal 2
6oz Flank Steak or Sockeye Salmon, cooked wt
280g white jasmine rice cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 3 (pre workout meal):
6oz chicken
300g white jasmine rice
100g banana
20g honey
15g cashew butter


Pre Shake

20-30 minutes prior to workout
900mg alpha-GPC
8g Citrulline
5g Hydromax glycerol
10g EAA
3g Creatine monohydrate
2g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water

15g EAA


40g protein via whey isolate
2 Bagels
40g Jam

Meal 4:
6oz chicken
140g rice
15g Mac Nut Oil
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 5
6oz chicken, cooked wt
70g white jasmine rice
50g avocado
20g almond butter
100g spinach

Meal 6
3 whole eggs
3oz chicken cooked wt
1 Thomas English muffin
15g almond butter
100g spinach


290g protein, 480g carb, 85g fat 3845kcal

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    John Jewett Post author

    For me my preworkout meal is so high in carbs it carries well into the workout. Also, I tend to not drink as much fluid if I have to much mixed in my intra.

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