PUSH SESSION 5-29-18: Chest emphasis training

In this training session my focus is on chest development with lower volume allotted to shoulders and triceps. I start with two compound moves that will hit the upper and lower parts of the chest, these are moves that I am really focused on log booking and progressing on. I then will perform my compound shoulder movement for the day, this is another exercise I am trying to progress on. After hitting my heavy moves I then will move on to “pump” work for chest. As you can see chest will be trained first for my heavy sets and pump sets before shoulders. For chest pump work I do a super set of a fly and decline press, both moves off a lot of control and I like pairing an isolation prior to the compound lift. Shoulder pump work will be done using a muscle round on laterals and two straight sets on upright rows. The muscle round is great to build a lot of volume into a workout without over taxing the CNS by training so much to failure. Last, I move on to triceps, I keep the volume low as they are a strong body part for me. I also keep the reps high since they were already stimulated with a heavy load in my compound lifts, this also will save my joints long term as well.


*Warm up sets not listed, take as many warm ups as needed prior to worksets
*All sets taken to muscular failure unless noted other wise
*90-120 second rest after all exercises unless noted other wise

Rotator cuff warm up: *YTWL 2 rounds 10 reps each letter

  1. INCLINE HAMMER STRENGTH CHEST PRESS: Work up to a failure set of 5-8 reps. Decrease weight on second set for failure set of 8-12 reps. Keep shoulders pulled back, chest up.
  2. FLAT HAMMER STRENGTH CHEST PRESS Work up to failure set of 6-8 reps. Decrease weight on second set for failure set of 12-15 reps. Keep shoulder pulled back, chest up.
  3. HAMMER STRENGTH MILITARY PRESS: Work up to a failure set of 8-10 reps. Decrease weight on second set for failure set of 12-15 reps.
  4. SUPER SET: Failure set of 15-20 reps on the first set. No rest between super set. Stay with the same weight and perform the super set 2 more times getting as many reps as possible.
    1. PEC DECK FLY: keep back slighltly off back support, pull chest up high.
    2. HAMMER STRENGTH DECLINE PRESS: Only perform the top 2/3 of the movement emphasis on the shortened muscle phase.
  5. DUMBBELL LATERAL RAISE: Perform a muscle round. Pick a weight you could normally get 15 reps with max. Then you will perform 6 sets of 4 reps taking 15 second rest periods between sets until all 6 sets are complete. On the 6th set get as many reps as possible to failure. Lead the movement with the elbows up and pink knuckle up higher than the thumb on the hand.
  6. BARBELL UPRIGHT ROW: Work up to a failure set of  15-20 reps. Stay with same weight on second set and get as many reps as possible to failure.
  7. SUPER SET: Each Exercise performed for 3 sets, no rest between super set. Failure set of 15-20 reps on first set. Stay with same weight for two more sets getting as many reps as possible.
    1. TRICEP ROPE PUSHDOWN: Keep elbows locked at sides and spread the rope for a slight isometric hold at peak contraction.
    2. BODY WEIGHT PUSH UPS: Perform push ups with hands gripping the end of a flat bench and feet on ground. This will have you in a decline pressing position. Perform push ups allowing the elbows to travel close along the sides of the body.

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