Post show rebound week 5

Last update I went over week four of the rebound. If you missed that check it out here:

My body weight was sitting around 238.olbs for that last update. Just to remind everyone I am doing a high fat day every 8 days on my off day, then my other 7 days are the training day diet regardless if I am actually training or not. Following this for the past 8 days my body weight came to a high of 242.2lbs.

This was another very productive week for me and it was my birthday week! No better present then getting gains. So, its been 2 weeks without changes to the plan. Everything is right on point, I am staying reasonably conditioned, strength is increasing, pumps are still stellar, and body weight is climbing. Still really surprised to have glute lines in at this body weight. Goal for next year is to have to squeeze into the 212s and I think that will be a major challenge. This check list is all good so there has been no reason to make a change to the plan yet. See, below for my full diet and training plan.

The only thing really out of the ordinary this week was my birthday. The day before my birthday I went to Schlitterbahn, which is a water park just north of San Antonio. This place is freaking awesome loaded with uphill water coasters and different tube rides. Renee and I are true water lovers, so this was a blast for us. I would think with as much walking and standing around in the Texas heat that I did it would impact my weight, but it had no effect at all.

The next morning Renee took me to Max and Louie’s NY dinner for breakfast. This was going to be my only splurge on my bday and it was so worth it. I got a stack of pancakes, French toast, eggs, sausage, and smoked salmon. These were the best pancakes I’ve ever had ,they just melted in my mouth. I think they also gave me a stupid big pump for my PUSH session that day.

My shoulders seem to lag behind everything. It is just so damn hard to get my side delt sore. They can just handle a lot of abuse. So, I think I am going to move my lateral delt head movement to the first exercise on my push day from now on and see what impact that makes. My back training is working perfect, lats are taking off very well.

This next week will be a challenge Renee and I are headed to Vegas for the USAs. I have three girls competing and Renee is doing a photo shoot after dieting for 20+ weeks along side me. So, I am determined to nail training and diet out there. But you best believe I am going to have to splurge on some good Vegas food with Renee.

Current wt: 242.2lbs

Current training split:

Day 1: Pull (back width)
Day 2: Push
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: off
Day 5: Pull (back thickness)
Day 6: Push
Day 7: Legs (back and hams)
Day 8: off


Meal 1:
40g protein via Whey Isolate
90g oats
1 Thomas English muffin
100g blueberries
15g almond butter

Meal 2
6oz Flank Steak or Sockeye Salmon, cooked wt
280g white jasmine rice cooked wt
100g spinach

Meal 3 (pre workout meal):
6oz chicken
300g white jasmine rice
100g banana
20g honey
8oz grape juice
15g cashew butter
*On BACK days add one muffin

Pre/Intra Shake

20-30 minutes prior to workout sip on way to gym and finish ½ through workout
20g HBCD
6g Citrulline
5g Hydromax
20g EAA
3g Creatine
2g Pink Salt
20+ ounces of water
Have this sipped down fully prior to training


40g protein via whey isolate
2 Bagel or 2 Organic Pop Tart
40g Jam

Meal 4:
6oz chicken
140g rice
10g Mac Nut Oil
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 5
6oz chicken, cooked wt
140g white jasmine rice
20g almond butter
100g spinach

Meal 6
3 whole eggs
3oz chicken cooked wt
2 Thomas English muffin
100g spinach

290g protein, 615g carb, 55g fat 4110kcal


Off day diet

Meal 1:
5 whole eggs
50g avocado
100g spinach

Meal 2
6oz Flank Steak, cooked wt
15g Mac nut oil
100g spinach

Meal 3
6oz chicken
100g avocado
30g cashew butter

Meal 4:
6oz salmon
20g Mac Nut Oil
75g Green beans cooked

Meal 5
6oz Flank steak
30g almond butter
100g spinach

Meal 6
5 whole eggs
75g avocado
100g spinach

250p, 196f (2800kcal)

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John when breaking down meals and macronutrients. Do you count for example the amount of protein in the oats towards your protein macronutrient goal? Or the carbs/protein in the nut butters

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